AC Productions makes documentaries for television, film festivals and galleries. It’s run by producer, director and journalist Anna Cottrell. She enjoys historical documentaries and has an eye for people with a good story who tackle life’s challenges with guts, determination and humour.


Latest Projects

WAHINE Disaster 50 Years On

WAHINE 50 Years On

Passengers, crew, and rescuers caught up in New Zealand’s worst modern maritime disaster tell their stories 50 years later.

Survival Stories screened on Choice TV Monday 29 October 2018. Available on Demand on Choice TV


Anzac Day Screening  2020 

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WAHINE 50 Years On

One of the stories features Iwi leaders, Te Puea Herangi, a relative of the Māori King, and Maui Pomare, MP for Western Maori, who had very different views on Māori involvement in the war.

AC Productions’ compilation of six Māori & Pacific Great War Stories screened again on Māori Television Anzac Day 2019

The Kiwi, the Knight & the Qashqai

The Kiwi, the Knight and the Qashqai

The Kiwi in the title is Anna Williams, Oriental rug repairer.
The Knight is Sir David Attenborough and the Qashqai are a tribe of nomads in Iran.

AC Productions documentary to screen on Choice TV 26 November 2018 @ 8.30pm.
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