Children of Gallipoli

More than just another historical documentary about Gallipoli, Anna Cottrell's film Children of Gallipoli not only gives us a Turkish take on the battle, but views the events through intergenerational eyes. The four young people who feature in the film are all direct descendants of soldiers who fought at Gallipoli. Two are Turks, Serkan Kacmaz and Pinar Kurtdere; the others are New Zealanders, Jane Pierard and John Waipara. 

Much film footage of the war is included in the documentary, though the emphasis is on the stories of the four soldiers, usually related by their descendants. There's a strong sense of the importance of keeping these characters alive through the telling of their stories.

In a poignant scene near the end of the film, Jane, John, Serkan and Pinar meet at the Gallipoli memorial site, and they all lay flowers on the monument. While they have little understanding of each other's language, it is clear that they appreciate the respect each of them has for their ancestors and their wartime experiences, no matter what side they fought on. ‘From now on our fight should be for peace and friendship' says Serkan Kacmaz.

Children of Gallipoli has been screening regularly at Gallipoli before the dawn service, and strikes a particular chord with the crowds of young New Zealanders and Australians attending the ceremony.

"A profound and moving documentary - compelling viewing." Mark Sheehan, Head of History, Wellington College of Education

"A wonderfully moving testament. This work is by far the best tribute to 'our boys' and theirs that I have seen."
Neil Cairns, Television Manager NZ On Air

"This is a nice piece of work. If you only watch one thing thing on Anzac Day, make it this." Greg Dixon NZ Herald

Children of Gallipoli

Director/Producer Anna Cottrell Co Producer Tufan Turanli
Line Producer Rosemary Fullerton-Smith
Research & Associate Producer David Filer
Camera Chris Terpstra, Tufan Turanli
Sound Michael Kerslake, Berta LLedo
Funded by NZ On Air & TVNZ with support from Turkish Radio & TV Corporation