Lest We Forget

January 27 2015 - 70 years since the liberation of Auschwitz. Dora Suuring who stars in this DVD is among those gathering at Makara Cemetery. She is now 100 years old.


Six Kiwis with personal links to the Holocaust tell their stories. This documentary is screening with the Anne Frank exhibition, which has just opened in the Auckland Museum.

Ian Fraser interviews Steven Sedley who remembers being herded into the Budapest ghetto in Hungary and Dora Suuring who escaped from a concentration camp and joined the Dutch Resistance.

Freda and Bob Narev lost most of their families in the Holocaust before meeting in New Zealand as refugees soon after the war.

Steven Sedley remembers growing up in the ghetto of Hungary while Dora Suuring was part of the Dutch “resistance”. She personally knew Anne Frank - her first husband taught the Frank sisters.

Mieke van der Schaaf who helped to save the lives of many Jewish children was honoured by the Israeli government as a Righteous Gentile person.

Joel Porus, grandson of Freda and Bob Narev wants to pass the message of the Holocaust horrors to the future generations.

NEW ZEALAND 2010 / 30min.
Camera Ivars Berzins, Steven Press
Sound Tony Spear

Director Anna Cottrell
Interviewers Ian Fraser, Anna Cottrell
Producers Boyd Klap, Anna Cottrell 
Freda and Bob Narev, Steven Sedley, Dora Suuring, Mieke van der Schaaf, Joel Porus
AC Productions