Other People's Children

When we talk about ‘family’ we think of Mum, Dad and the kids. But this is no longer the reality. In the West less than one third of our households live like this. Directed by Anna Cottrell, this documentary looks at one such New Zealand family and reveals the varied and often complex ways we bring up our children, the relationships in which they are unwittingly and often unwillingly a part.

A European mother, Elena, and the children of her previous marriage to Sanilli (a Samoan Lay Preacher) live with her new partner Gavin and his children in Wellington, New Zealand. Sanilli now lives in Los Angeles and Gavin’s previous wife, Christine, lives in Wellington. We look at this ‘blended’ or ‘reconstituted’ family of several adults and the children who move between households.

Director Anna Cottrell
Producer Vincent Burke
Duration 1 X 46’
Top Shelf Productions