Out of the Shadows

In this documentary children of well known Kiwis discuss what it's like to live in the shadow of their famous and infamous parents. 

Featuring Natasha and Shaan Turner (Mother, Sukhi, was mayor of Dunedin and Father, Glenn, was a well-known New Zealand cricketer). 

Hinemoa Awatere reveals the bond she has with her mother, former politician and activist Donna Awatere-Huata and talks about coping with her mother's fall from grace. 

Martin Crump is candid about Dad Barry's talents as well as his shortcomings, as is Sam Hunt's son, Tom. 

The Muldoon family remembers their father  ex-Prime Minister Robert Muldoon, fondly and discuss the difficulty of growing up with a father who was both admired and despised.

Out of the Shadows

Producer/director Anna Cottrell AC Productions
Editor Paul Sutorius
Camera Ivars Berzins
Sound Brian Shennan