The Kiwi, the Knight and the Qashqai

AC Productions documentary screened on Choice TV 26 November 2018. Now On Demand

The Kiwi in the title is Anna Williams, Oriental rug repairer.

The Knight is Sir David Attenborough and the Qashqai are a tribe of nomads in Iran.

Wellingtonian Anna Williams was a hobbyist weaver turned rug repairer. She has been to Iran seven times, sitting with Qashqai women in their tents, trading yarns and learning new weaving techniques. The Qashqai are known internationally as weavers of colourful tribal rugs.

David Attenborough made a documentary about the Qashqai nomads in the 1970s. Anna Cottrell, producer, director rang Sir David Attenborough and asked for an interview about the Qashqai. He obliged, willingly. So the Annas flew to London.

Fascinated by Anna Williams’ work and travels, Anna Cottrell has been to Iran twice with her to record a changing way of life among the Qashqai.

On the second trip Mairi Gunn, Auckland camera woman, accompanied them, filming under the hijab!

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