The Last of the Anzacs

In this moving documentary, director Anna Cottrell interviews
Doug Dibley and Les Leach, the longest surviving Gallipoli veterans.
They are both almost 100 and anti war campaigners. Both falsified their ages and went off as teenagers. Doug Dibley was a stretcher bearer. Both men describe the appalling conditions they endured until the Allies withdrew, defeated.
The memories of Rod McCandlish, William Steven and Tautuhi Maraki, who did not return from the ill-conceived campaign, are recalled by relatives and friends. Tautuhi Maraki's whanau gather at his grave north of Gisborne every day in August to recall the battle for Chanuk Bair, where he was killed.
Journals, letters and diary entries from these men on their way to what they thought was the "great adventure" in Egypt and written in the miserable conditions of Anzac Cove give the tragedy of war an immediacy. Two little girls, descendants of William Steven, read from his diary in Anzac week at Wanaka School.

Author: David Harry Baldock; 
Director: Anna Cottrell; Ninox Films
Publisher : Ninox Films, ©1998.