Voices of Children

Voices of Children is a 16 minute film in which Christchurch children tell earthquake stories.
When Christchurch suffered a succession of devastating earthquakes, AC Productions director and producer Anna Cottrell, a former Cantabrian, experienced the horror and sadness from afar.
“I saw my hometown with its broken heart and felt helpless. But when I heard or read children’s accounts I saw their optimism and wanted to record those stories on film.”
Voices of Children is an edited version of several hours of children’s stories. Anna did not want to film children who were traumatised or whose families were grieving over lost loved ones but to focus on children whose optimism and humour gave glimpses of a brighter future.
With funds from the Families Commission and the National Commission for UNESCO New Zealand, Anna made three trips to Christchurch to record children’s accounts - initially for the archives and the web. 
“I decided to edit a short film because through it all, children’s optimism, resilience and quirky humour shine through.  At this time of profound sadness for many people Voices of Children – children’s stories give us all hope and make us smile. 
If anyone wants a 16 minute video of positive children's stories please let me know.”  Anna

Producer/director: Anna Cottrell Assistant director; Jan Jeans
Editor: James McKnight
Camera: Scott Behrens, Kirk Pflaum

Sound: Makoto Takaoka; Hammond Peek